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Race: Witch

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Race: Witch

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:42 am

☆ Witch

★ Description:
☆ Witches are humanoid creatures, possibly a sub-species of humankind. They are physically identical to humans. These are the race that live with nature and have the ability to use nature as their "magic." They are capable of performing a varieties of magics, including ones that mutate their own body. They have been part of human history for centuries. Witches have the most unpredictable abilities out of all monsters. They can uses their wands to cast spells and create a large variety of objects/weapons. This includes voodoo dolls which can be a considerable weapon. Witches are also masters of creating potions for a variety of effects.

Witches however cannot cast spells without their wands or enchantment weapon which is a considerable weakness and are normally not physically strong.

★ Basic Abilities:
☆ Potion Mixing
☆ Healing Spells
☆ Curses
☆ Levitation Spells

★ Basic Attitude:
☆ Witches attitudes vary depending on the witch, they are mostly like humans. However if you follow lores, basic Witch attitudes are that they are snotty greedy beings who want to make everything feel pain, and own everything for themselves.

★ Basic Living Environment:
☆ Witches can live almost ANYWHERE!

★ Basic Body Build:
☆ Their builds are various.

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