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Race: Anthro

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Race: Anthro

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:50 am

☆ Anthro

★ Description:
☆ Anthros are exactly like humans however they have animal ears and a tail. There are many types of anthros, ranging from cats to dogs to tigers. They have the ability to hide their tale and ears however it requires practice. Anthros have the ability to transform into their associated creature and even in their normal forms will have some abilities of the animal like enhanced hearing, sense of smell etc.

☆ This means that a Anthro's fighting ability is controlled mainly by their use of their animal abilities and their skill at being the animal they transform into. This means that most Anthros will not be very powerful compared to other monsters. However they are good at tracking and can quickly distinguish between other monsters and humans.

★ Basic Abilities:
☆ Shape-shifting between Animal and Human
☆ Animal Instincts
☆ Other basic abilities depend on the 'Type' of Anthro they are. Ex: Dogs sense of Smell, or Cats climbing abilities.

★ Basic Attitude:
☆ Can be pretty much anything.

★ Basic Living Environment:
☆ They can live almost anywhere due to animal and human forms.

★ Basic Body Build:
☆ Various


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