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Race: Yuki-Onna

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Race: Yuki-Onna

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:50 am

☆ Yuki-Onna

★ Description:
☆ A Yuki-Onna's true form is not very different from its human form. The most prominent features of a transformed Yuki-Onna are it's hair and hands, which turn to sharpened ice when transformed.Yuki-Onna are cryokinetic beings, meaning that they have absolute control over ice and snow. Mizore has been shown to be able to create several clones of herself using the ice around her.

☆ These mysterious creatures of snow and ice only appear during a large snowstorm or blizzards. They have a habit of freezing the lone travelers and abduct the males that they like. These cold and monstrous habits make them well known in Japanese society. They have the power to manipulate ice and snow.

★ Basic Abilities:
☆ Control over ice and snow
☆ Clones of Ice

★ Basic Attitude:
☆ Cold towards most beings.

★ Basic Living Environment:
☆ Cold areas, mountains, Snow plains.

★ Basic Body Build:
☆ Mid-Sized, Skinny


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