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Race: Mermaids

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Race: Mermaids

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:51 am

☆ Mermaids

★ Description:
☆ Mermaids are aquatic monsters that have been popular in myths and legends that originated in ancient times, they are portrayed as beautiful women with the bottom half of a fish.They have fin-like extensions over their ears and thick scales on their human appendages. They retain their human faces until they completely unseal themselves, after which their mouth grows jagged and cracked in appearance, their eyes become pupiless, and they sprout strange markings from the corners of their mouths that stretch to their cheeks.

☆ Water is the mermaid's domain, and when they are submerged in any body of water, they grow stronger. While out of water, they are unimpressive and make for easy targets. They have the unique ability to drain the life force out of a target to sustain their own nourishment, and with their enticing aura and good looks, luring in bait proves to be a very easy task.

★ Basic Abilities:
☆ Life Drain
☆ Pheromones (Ability to attract the other sex at will)

★ Basic Attitude:
☆ They can be either life sucking wenches or whole hearted beings.

★ Basic Living Environment:
☆ Bodies of Water

★ Basic Body Build:
☆ ...?


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